The initial note of honey gives way to a gentle acidity, creating a balanced sensation enhanced by a delicate honey aftertaste.
Legendary TEJ, always made from pure honey, is the world’s earliest known fermented drink. In the Horn of Africa, TEJ has been produced for millennia to celebrate festive occasions. This ancient drink, which has been made in many forms, can be enjoyed as cocktail or with food.
Traditionally TEJ has been used to toast the bride and groom on their wedding day. TEJ is a perfect complement to spicy foods, sushi, desserts and at any social occasion. Spicy food. TEJ goes perfectly with spicy food. We are getting a large selection of different kinds spicy food in Sweden. A few examples; thai, indian, korean, ethiopian, mexican, cajun. The list can be made very long. This creates the need for a wine suitable for spicy food in Sweden.
The source of culinary problems with spicy food and grape wines is the tannin in grape wines.TEJ does not contain any tannin at all and in addition the taste palette contains sweetness. The combination makes spicy food taste amazing. Sushi. TEJ accompanies sushi excellently. In many cases people want sweetness in the wine to pick up the combination sweetness and acidity in the sushi rice and the heat in wasabi. If one in addition to that would like a wine with more culinary areas of use than sake, then TEJ is the given choice.
Dessert. Fresh fruit as dessert is a first-class way finish a meal. TEJ with fresh strawberries is a delicious combination. Any social occasion. TEJ is best served chilled and is a splendid summer wine, together with friends a sunny day in the lilac bower.